Parkview Capital Partners Inc. is a private investment firm managing the Private Equity, Real Estate and Public Market portfolios of a Family Office. We take a professional approach to portfolio management and work with best-in-class asset managers and operating company executives to create a return profile that both preserves capital and creates wealth.

Our Private Equity portfolio is focused on businesses with experienced and proven operating management, and the potential to create and sustain leadership positions in their industries.

Parkview’s Partners have the experience and capabilities to partner with exceptional management teams in the transformation of operating businesses, adding capital, and strategic, financial and operational expertise, to create opportunity for employees, wealth for management, and long term capital appreciation for shareholders. We have been operating in the mid-market from our Toronto base for twenty years and believe we have a unique experience and track record.

New investments are not limited to specific sectors or markets; rather we look for ownership/control or minority investments in well-run, well-positioned businesses. We are currently pursuing acquisition strategies including acquisitive growth within our portfolio of companies.