Active Industrial Solutions (AIS) is a leading mould designer and manufacturer, headquartered in Canada, with operations in China, the Southern US and India. AIS delivers high-quality, low-cost moulds to its global client base, historically automotive Tier 1 parts manufacturers, and the OEMs themselves. The mould operation has successfully diversified its customer base to include Japanese auto manufacturers, and the consumer products industry. AIS has also focused on value added services including design, automation and gauge and fixtures.

AIS has leveraged its machining knowledge and technology beyond the mould industry, diversifying to serve the component manufacturing requirements of equipment providers in the Oil and Gas industry.

The group is managed by a talented and experienced group of manufacturing executives. Through the application of disciplined lean manufacturing, AIS competes successfully in highly competitive industries. In benchmarking by leading OEMs the Company consistently ranks as a leader in quality, service, management, and financial stability.